Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thunder Mountain Middle School

Close & Lock!!!

As the final curtain call for TMMS arrives my heart is in my throat. With eyes filled with tears I watch as the last bus exit the bus holding area. Teachers are lined up waving their last good-byes and knowing they will never be on that same spot again.

Some of us are moving on to Cactus Canyon Junior High School, the new name for our only junior high in Apache Junction. Some will move to other elementary and high school positions. Others will go to new destinations.

As for me I am not ready to close the doors to TMMS, and it is with a heavy heart that I must box up my belongings and move forward. It has been one of the hardest events of my life.

I find myself looking around my room and wondering how am I going to move forward. Just like the students that I teach I have such mix feelings. This has been my home for so many years, and it is not like I am leaving to move on to a different position in the district. I am closing the doors on a school that I have called home for 13 years. It may seem like a simple thing to do but as I look around at my students and my room I am feeled with so much emotion.

It is like leaving a home you have lived in and loved for so many years. A school may be a foundation to some but it is a place where I made my students feel safe, where they had a place to learn, and where they learned so many lessons about life. We will continue on but we will always remember where we were raised.

My mother told me when I left Florence that her and my dad gave me wings to explore new horizons and roots to always know where your home is. I always knew I could count on them for guidance and love, and I would always have the foundation to move forward.

When I lock my doors for the final time I will take with me the memories that only school teachers can know and love. I will pack that final box and wonder when I open it again where will I place that precious piece of me and my memories.

I don't need the time capsule that they haven't found to be a reminder of what my memories have been because I will have them in my boxes. And when I pull out each reminder I will know each and every memory by heart. I will place them in a special place of honor.

Thunder Mountain home of the world famous Mrs. Henry (Liz, Jen, Tricia, and Tara will know what that means)!

God Bless this home of mine that will be closed on May 28, 2010. Keep it safe and ready for our return. Dear Lord if this is not in your vision for the future please find a good caretaker. It has such special memories for me.

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